Information about the service

Portal is a ready-made solution , service, music charts , which is open to all who want to moderate their own music charts on the internet.

By registering you gain access to the administration chart , where simply set the charts , choose the look and you can begin to moderate .

Internet service music charts is specifically focused on service creation and user- moderated campaigns music charts .

Simply put , everyone who wants to run plnohodnotonou hit parade on the Internet, so you can use this service to create their own charts and perhaps free.

Just register , log in and set their own liking music charts , voting rules and run.
How does it work ?

The issue of control charts is close to us and well known. Zabíváme her many years (or dock 2006), and thanks to the experience I was able to create a comprehensive system . Simply by registering you get an administration interface to control charts.

We provide technical operations chart . The administration interface to manage and control your charts

If you want to have on your site the music charts? You do not need anything complicated program , select our free solutions.

We offer this service in three variants. Free version with basic features of the standard version without limitations and premium for demanding users .